Amy Sundahl is having a show at Red Hands Media’s space in Jet Studios. Her still life work is not so still - so much feeling in the scenes she paints.

Presented by Jose Cerda - Saturday, January 28th at Jet Studios. This special group showing is a one-night event so come out and enjoy new works from the above artists and free beer proudly sponsored by Pyramid Breweries! Facebook invite here. 811 E. 7th St. #2 in Long Beach, CA. Directions are here.

A sample of Cathy van Hoang's photography. See more of her work at tomorrow night's show, opening 7:00pm, at Jet Studios. Facebook invite here.

Wanna get your face up close to this? Check it out, along with other paintings from Jann VanZant, tomorrow night at Jet Studios in Long Beach. Facebook invite here.

Jann VanZant [Legendary Tiger Hero] and Cathy van Hoang [studio CvH]

Saturday January 15 here at Jet Studios


directions here

click-through facebook event page coming soon

The Renegade Roller Girls of OC

Check out the photos from the Sweets for the Sweet at Jet Studios. Red Hands hosted an art show bake sale fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported it. We had enough sugar to get twitterpated…and raise some scrilla for the Zilla! (The above photo by Eric Simpson). PHOTOS HERE

Calibration show wrap up

May 28th, 2010

Jet Studios has a history - what started as a carburetor repair shop has become a space for expression. For fun, for art, for spectacle, for entertainment. Today, we are attempting to maintain the feeling of community that once was here, create an atmosphere of days gone by, and introduce whatever presents itself as new. The goal is to have building shows where all four units participate by rolling up their doors and presenting multiple shows in one location - a tradition of days gone by. We also hope to provide a space for anyone to use, if a bit of space is needed.

With each show, the ideas become more cohesive. The Calibration show was the result of our improvements - proof of what happens when a group of artists work together to surprise everyone and themselves. Thank you to everyone who showed up to Calibration. A special thanks also to
Pyramid Breweries and curator Jose Cerda - and to the artists: RAS1, Ron Chatman, Marco Saiz, Raul Zarate, Mike Ripper and Raul’s brother Steven Zarate (who hung most of the show).

The images below are a preview of the night. For the entire gallery, go to the
Flickr link for the photo set.

If you missed the last show, we hope to see you at the next!


Jose Cerda
Jose Cerda

Marco Saiz Jet Studios Calibration
Marco Saiz

Mike Ripper Jet Studios Calibration
Mike Ripper

Raul Zarate Jet Studios Calibration
Raul Zarate


Ron Chatman Jet Studios Calibration
Ron Chatman

DJ Cesar Jet Studios
DJ Cesar

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Keep A Breast Show in October

It’s a long time from now but there will be a Keep A Breast exhibit and auction, benefiting Keep A Breast, here October 9th hosted by the Renegade Roller Girls of Orange County. Hope to see you there!

Shane Mesquit, Jose Cerda, Marco Saiz, Raul Zarate & David Baskins are working on casts for the show. As soon as I have a complete list of artists in this show I will post it.